Founding & Experience:

Metis is a property company founded by a small team of professionals, who have worked together over 20 years, bringing knowledge and experience of the property market. Initally practicing as professional surveyors the team established and built a property and investment business over 20 years.


Metis was established to identify opportunities where value could be realised by optimising  the property mix and delivering the planning and Section 106 agreements, working in partnership with landowners to maximise value and profit share. 

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Our Structure:

Metis Developments forms the central holding company funding the land interest and planning process. Individual developments are held in SPV's to facilitate development partners in a secure legal structure and optimised tax arrangements.


By creating an SPV each development is self-contained, has transparent legal structures, facilitates funding with senior debit and an agreed development fee with Metis Developments.

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15 Units at St. Bernards Road, Sutton Coldfield (2008)

Work in Progress:

The development and sales programme comprises; 

● 10 cottages and 2 Mill Conversions, Belbroughton, Worcestershire, completed.

● Planning approval, 130 houses and apartments, Kimberley, Nottingham;

● Planning Application, 5 houses Oxfordshire village.

● Extension and refurbishment of Victorian Property in Lapworth, Warwickshire.

● Actively seeking land and property opportunities with partners throughout the Midlands and Cotswolds.

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10 Cottages at Belbroughton (2014)